Hans Zimmer: German film score composer and music producer

Anthony Rother: visionary, electro pioneer and one of electronic music’s most prolific producers

Martin Stürtzer: Ambient / Electronic / Dub Techno Artist focused on analog, digital, hardware and virtual instruments

Radek Rudnicki: New media Artist and sound designer focused on using spatial sound in multidisciplinary projects

Alessandro Cortini: Multi-instrumentalist, analog synth master, and Nine Inch Nails member with numerous atmospheric solo releases.

Taylor Deupree: American electronic musician, photographer, graphic designer and mastering engineer

Reinhold Heil: German-born musician and film and television composer based in Hawaii.

Luna Keller: Singer-Songwriterin, die Geschichten mit Authentizität und Herz erzählt.

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Hans Zimmer

Anthony Rother

Martin Stürtzer

Radek Rudnicki

Alessandro Cortini

Taylor Deupree

Reinhold Heil

Luna Keller