Iridium and newer revisions of Kyra have a VESA 75 recepticle on the bottom, that’s the standard that TV supports have. Most VESA supports support two standards at once, one with 75mm and one with 100m distance between the middles of the holes. You will have to get one that has the holes for 75mm only, otherwise that won’t fit.

There should be Vesa mounts with an arm available that can be clamped to the edge of a table, so you can position the anywhere where the arm goes, as long as it’s stable. However, we can’t tell one exact model that fits. When choosing, make sure that this support can carry the weight of your instrument safely.

You will need M4 screws for the VESA holes. Important: The screws that you use for the VESA holes must not be longer than 8mm plus the thickness of the VESA mount. Otherwise, the screws may touch the components on the board which may lead to serious damage and/or injury.