Waldorf Music is an internationally renowned manufacturer of exclusive electronic sound generators. Musicians and producers value Waldorf instruments as highly professional creative tools.

The company achieved legendary status in the late 1980s with the MicroWave and Wave synthesizers. It is not without reason that the renaissance of electronic music was closely linked to the use of powerful-sounding synthesizers from Waldorf. The musical quality and intuitive approach of these first, extremely successful instruments still serve as the blueprint for Waldorf Music products today.

The Waldorf development team always launches instruments with high innovative standards. Superior audio quality and modern function in combination with timeless design thus formulate the core claim of the brand: the creation of sustainable musical instruments that have proven themselves over many years of use. Successful, current Waldorf synthesizers are, for example, Quantum or the Iridium.


Joachim Flor

Rolf Wöhrmann