Unleash Creative Sampling with Latest SampleRobot Support for Quantum & Iridium

Bringing your sample collection from PC/Mac to Quantum or Iridium has became more easier than before.

Many producers and musicians sit on large sample collections, potentially increasing day by day with new field recordings or instruments sampled. Tools like SampleRobot have supported these processes for many years.

Transferring samples and meta data multi maps into hardware samplers needs to be quick and hassle free in order not to interrupt the creative state of flow.

So, this problem has now been solved: The latest SampleRobot Release 6.6 delivers full support of Quantum and Iridium sample maps. On popular request Waldorf has collaborated with the market leader in sample automation software.

SampleRobot is an all-in-one PC/Mac solution for your sampling needs. From sampling an external hardware synth automatically controlled via MIDI to creating sample sets from your favorite plugins, all is possible.

This opens up a new pathway of getting sample content in the Quantum / Iridium instruments. With its amazing sample manipulation and synthesis techniques, the Quantum / Iridium becomes your go-to platform for sophisticated sample based synthesis. Be it traditional multi mapping including looping and cross fading, or be it the advanced granular sampling capabilities, Quantum / Iridium never stop to deliver you the tools you need to unleash your sonic creativity.

In the latest video on the Waldorf Music YouTube channel, producer Phable gives you an overview and presents a tutorial run-through of the entire process of combining SampleRobot with Quantum / Iridium. It never has been more easy than this.

And combining sample based synthesis with the other synthesis technologies within Quantum / Iridium an entire sonic universe is all at your finger tips. The unique hardware interfaces allow for direct manipulation and intuitive sound design. Quantum / Iridium are real instruments for real producers and musicians.

Never stop sampling!