Educational discounts for students and teachers

We at Waldorf Music are proud to support future generations of musicians and music enthusiasts with its educational discount program.

We all know that in education resources are tight and under pressure. But in learning environments it is extremely important
to have great tools and instruments to provide the best learning experience possible. We can make a difference here
with our great musical instruments and software plugins.

Our company recognizes its responsibility to support young generations and education. Therefore we are happy to provide special
discounts to proven members on the student side as well on the teaching and institutional side. Individuals can simply get in contact
with us by filling out this form and upload the necessary documents.

For cooperations on an institutional basis please send an email to We are happy to get in touch and discuss joint opportunities.
Please also note at our offices in Remagen we regularly offer internships and student projects. We like to learn from you as much as you can learn from us.