Martin Stürtzer Tutorials

Martin Stürtzer – Ambient / Electronic / Dub Techno artist from Wuppertal, Germany. He works with analog, digital, hardware and virtual instruments to create ambient, electronic and dub techno music.

Martin Stürtzer is known for his atmospheric sound, which moves between ambient, dub techno and classic electronic sequencer music. With his concerts streamed live from his studio in Wuppertal, he has gained a large and loyal fan base. At these concerts, the Iridium Desktop and the Iridium Keyboard are prominent instruments that often play a central role in Martin’s sound.

In addition to his concert streams, Martin has also produced very good tutorial videos for the Iridium, which we would like to feature and recommend here. On one hand, the videos explain the various and extensive synthesis algorithms of the Iridium and on the other hand, they are also handy instructions for creating a certain sound.

We highly recommend the videos if you want to dig deeper into the sound design with the Iridium.