First, please perform a firmware update. Download the firmware from the download section of this page. On top of this page, you will also find a guide on how to perform the update.

Switch Blofeld off and turn the encoder left to the display rapidly back and forth a couple of times while powering up the unit. Then you should be able to work normally again.

Also, press Shift+Multi,Shift+Multi,Shift+Multi quickly in a row.

Switch your Blofeld on and off 5 times in a row, this works as a reset function.

The use of part 10 in Multi Mode (not MIDI channel) can cause crashes. Please use other parts instead and leave part 10 unused, muted.

Please set your Blofeld to these settings:

Blofeld Factory Global Settings

Contrast > 39 / Popup Time > 1.5s

Auto Edit > ON

Master Tune > 440 / Transpose +0

MIDI Channel > omni / Device ID > 0 (00h)

Vel Curve > exponential / Clock > auto

Local Control > ON / Prg Send > ON

Ctrl Send > OFF / Ctrl Receive > OFF

Control W > 2 (02h) / Control X > 4 (04h)

Control Y > 11 (0Bh) / Control Z > 12 (0Ch)

Free Button > OFF / Pedal > REVERSED