You were given a .mid file that needs to be transmitted to Blofeld.

If the installation wasn’t successful, this is mostly because the transmission went wrong.

Connect Blofeld directly to your computer, with no hubs or other hardware inbetween and with no other devices in the MIDI chain. If you’re using USB MIDI, try using DIN MIDI instead or vice versa. Make sure that the latest OS is installed on Blofeld.

Set the Sysex ID in the Global menu of Blofeld to 0 or 1.

Load the .mid file into your DAW and let Blofeld play that. Make sure SYSEX and CC transmission are enabled. Do not use Ableton Live or Bitwig. In addition, set the playback speed down to around 60bpm.

Alternatively you can also use our tool Spectre which you can download on the left side when you click on the Home link in the upper right corner.

The sound sets come with an installation manual each, please refer to them for further questions.