Switch on Streichfett and wait for a few seconds. While holding all 4 memory buttons play a note to Streichfett via MIDI on the channel that Streichfett should be adjusted to receive notes on. Now all 4 buttons light up.

If you want to trigger the String sounds on one channel and the Solo sounds on the following channel with split settings being ignored proceed with these steps:

• Press and hold all four Memory buttons and play any key on your master keyboard which is set to MIDI channel 1 to also set the MIDI channel on your Streichfett.

• Set Balance to the middle position so you can hear both Strings and Solo.

• Press and hold the lowest key on your MIDI master keyboard and select “Low” with the Split switch. This sets the split key very low and prevents Solo to be heard, if you play Strings on MIDI channel 1.

Now you can play Strings on MIDI channel 1 and Solo on MIDI channel 2.

To set Streichfett back to OMNI mode, press and hold the four memory buttons during boot up.