• *For Blofeld Desktop only! Blofeld Keyboard has License SL pre-installed* License SL is the Sample Play Option for Blofeld desktop. With this license, 60 Megabyte of Sample Flash Memory are available for factory or user samples. These samples and multisamples go through Blofeld's synthesis engine just like oscillators - an enormous extension to Blofeld's sonic possibilities!
  • By HG Fortune, Dimitri Schkoda and Dr. Christian Gritzner. *Requires Licene SL*. 128 stunning patches for the Waldorf Blofeld . The link to the required Alien Vanguard sample set will be provided with your purchase.
  • By HG Fortune and Dimitri Schkoda. *Requires License SL*. What sets this Alien Vanguard soundset apart are the waves by HG Fortune, extending the sonic range of the Waldorf Blofeld into far outer space. This soundset features mostly patches for Ambient, Soundscapes and Atmospherics, but also some other classic stuff, for example, some bass and sequencer sounds for e.g. early TD type and related music.
  • The German producer duo “Sound Addicts" have created a beautiful soundset for Blofeld consisting of 128 sounds featuring Pads, Keys, Basses, Leads, Drums and Atmospheres.
  • By Don Solaris. Originally started as quiz game on one musical forum in which users were required to guess which sounds originated from the Blofeld and which from Juno 60. Sounds were carefully programmed into Blofeld to match Juno 60 as close as possible. Result: about 50% of people couldn't tell one from another.
  • By Ph.D. Ingo Weidner. This soundset contains various classic analog and digital sounds, similar to well known synthesizers such as PPG Wave 2.3, PPG 2.V, Yamaha DX7, Moog Minimoog, SCI Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 8, ARP 2600, Elka Synthex or Hammond Novachord. There are also some completely new sounds with a complexity far beyond the limitations of such archetypes.
  • Anthony Rother is an influential visionary, an electro pioneer and one of electronic music’s most prolific producers. For more than two decades Rother aggregated a vast musical canon that reflects his unique career as a sound researcher exploring the aesthetics far beyond the boundaries of electro, techno and pop music. For Waldorf Music he sat down at his Iridium Keyboard and exclusively designed 64 signature sounds using the vast palette of possibilities of the instruments sound engine which we are proud to share with all Iridium and Quantum owners free of charge.
  • By Andrey Osa. This sound set contains various patterns of arpeggiator of various categories and styles. The sounds and arpeggios will be useful for working in multi mode!
  • This soundset for Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v contains mainly Pads and Polysynth Sounds. In addition some more sounds from the categories Lead, Key and Arp are included. For approximately three quarters of the sounds samples were used which in the PPG Wave 3.V are called „Transients“. This is the origin of the second part of the title. Those samples were done over a longer time with the help of a various hardware and software synthesizers and other plugins.
  • By Piotr Jablonski. *Requires License SL* The Attack sound set transforms Blofeld into one evil drum module. Thanks to deep, multitimbral programming Blofeld acts as 16-piece electronic drum module. With Blofelds extensive VA engine, we were able to recreate those lovely analogue drum sounds, but we didn’t stop there.
  • By Jörg Schaaf. *Requires License SL* This is the essence of Mr. Schaaf's experience with Blofeld. Mr. Schaaf is Musician, Sounddesigner and Composer for almost 30 years. Besides creating soundscapes, he develops electronic music instruments for his own company, Radikal Technologies.
  • This soundset for Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v contains 128 fresh new presets programmed by Rob Lee. Analog house basses, chords, pads and more are all contained right here.
  • A must have for FM fans. The soundset contains 100 classic and musically playable FM sounds like: Pianos, Strings, Pads, Brass, Synths, Lead and Arpeggio sounds.
  • The "spaceman" soundset consists of 100 cosmic patches using the versatility and sonic capabilities of Iridium & Quantum.
  • By Sound Addicts für Waldorf Largo. The German Duo “Sound Addicts", consisting of two professional music producers, has created a crisp sound and iconic package for Waldorf Largo Sythesizer. The package includes more than one bank of 128 sounds, as some sounds are layered, thus a sound can consist of several individual sounds.
  • By Eduard Ionov. This set contains 128 drums, percussion and FX sounds. All the presets are synthesized without using samples and UWT.
  • This punchy soundset that covers everything for electronic music of the darker kind. Highly energetic sounds for areas such as EBM, Synth Pop, Dark Electro, Future Pop, Electro Wave and Minimal Electro Pop. All sounds on highest level of musical playability, usability and inspiration.
  • By Dr.-Ing. Christian Gritzner. *Requires License SL* Exo World is the extension of the sound set Space Explorer for Blofeld. It is based on the HG Fortune sample set (86 samples) and provides 128 new patches including cosmic atmos, silky pads, space effects, livly arps, analog leads and more. Exo Worlds for Blofeld enrich your sonic capabilities and call for your cosmic ambient chill-out sound track compositions.
  • Frank Pels is a musician & producer from the Netherlands who has been involved with wavetable synthesis from the beginning. He has owned many legendary synthesizers like Prophet VS, Waldorf Microwave 1 & 2 over the years. He was immediately fascinated by the Waldorf M and now delivers his first soundset.
  • By SoundsDivine. Future Sound Waves features 128 sounds for Waldorf Largo.Future Sound Waves features 128 sounds for Waldorf Largo.Inspired by movies like The Matrix, Interstellar, Inception, Tron, Star Trek and the Terminator movies, this sound set is a unique collection of sounds, exploring the worlds of computing & digital communications, futuristic machines, alien civilisations and deep space.
  • By Rob Lee. Rob Lee's *Genres* soundset for Waldorf Blofeld contains 128 brand new sounds for your favourite synthesizer. The sounds cover Ambient Chillout, Electro House, Old School, Dance and Techno.
  • Soundset JayB

    64 patches for Kyra. Trance - House - Progressive - by JayB.
  • The bundle contains all sounds of sets 1-4 with additional 13 bonus sounds.
  • KApro "Blue Legend" is a soundset by top sound designer Kurt Ader who has already created many impressive sounds & patches for Quantum and Iridium. The set containing 54 patches...
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