Soundset Darius R. – Tech Wzrd


Darius R. is an electronic music producer/remixer and sound designer based in Barcelona. Over the years, he produced mainly EDM / House and remixed various artists . His music was also featured in the “Indian Flow” documentary (2011, Aplysia Productions).
His passion for hardware synthesizers pushed him to start creating his own patches & soundsets, mainly focused on the actual electronic music scene & artists.
The Quantum Synthesizer is the heart of his studio.


    “Tech WZRD” is the new soundset for the tech-house/techno producer and performer. From fat basses to sweet keys or noisy – analog sounding leads, this collection will provide you the inspiration you need. All patches are carefully crafted and assigned modulations like AT, filter velocity, LFO´s and of course are designed to better use the polyphony of the Quantum/Iridium.
    Just power on your synth and start to play.

    All patches are made starting from an init using the internal Quantum´s wavetables & synth engines. Any patch have it´s assigned modulations like AT, filter velocity and effects. No additional samples, wavetables or effects are used.

    Soundset Demo

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