Soundset Atmospheric Transients Sounds


This soundset for Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v contains mainly Pads and Polysynth Sounds. In addition some more sounds from the categories Lead, Key and Arp are included. For approximately three quarters of the sounds samples were used which in the PPG Wave 3.V are called „Transients“. This is the origin of the second part of the title. Those samples were done over a longer time with the help of a various hardware and software synthesizers and other plugins.

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    With the special sound of the PPG Wave 3.V the samples receive their own character and charm which on a big part is based on the special characteristics of the PPG filter. In this sound set partly the alialising of the different „True PPG” modes are used. With many sounds the outstanding effects of the PPG Wave 3.V, particularly the Chorus- and Reverb-effect, were used. Altogether much love was put into making this sound set in the hope that this enthusiasm will be perceived by the listener.

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