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How can I redeem my coupon code2022-12-06T11:29:48+01:00

Go to the shop, select your product and add it to the shopping cart. Open the shopping cart and enter your coupon code in the respective field. Click on “Apply Coupon”. After the purchase has been completed, you will find your licences and further information under “Licence keys”

This also applies to software coupon codes (incl. License SL) purchased from a third-party supplier.

Where can I find the manual2022-12-02T14:11:54+01:00

At the end of the FAQ list you’ll find a download link.

Where do I find my software licenses2022-12-02T12:30:17+01:00

Log in to your “my waldorf” account and select “License keys”. Here you will find an overview of your activated licences and the required download links.

Where can I download my software2022-12-02T12:17:03+01:00

Log in to your “my waldorf” account and select “License keys”. Here you will find an overview of your activated licences and the required download links.

D-Pole does not show up in my list of plug-ins!2022-12-02T14:19:03+01:00

D-Pole is an effect, not an instrument by itself. Please check your effect / FX plugin section, D-Pole should show up there.

I have downloaded and installed the software, but I can’t open or execute it anywhere.2022-12-02T13:01:52+01:00

Our plugins are made to be used as an instrument in a DAW, like Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, Bitwig etc. You can call up the plugins within those programs. Runnin them as a standalone application is not possible. The Waldorf Edition contains 3 plugins (Attack, PPG2 and D-Pole). Attack and PPG must be loaded as instruments and D-Pole as audio FX.

I can’t install your software on my Mac! The file I’ve downloaded isn’t executable, my system tells me: Can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.2022-12-02T13:21:13+01:00

Right-click (Ctrl+click) the package you’ve downloaded, and select Open or go on Open with and choose the standard installation program. Now click on Open in the next pop-up and the installation will start.

Further information can be found here.

I have purchased a Waldorf plugin before December 2016. Now I want to install the software again, but the eLicenser registration process does not work and the software cannot be installed.2022-12-02T12:37:12+01:00

We made a system change in December 2016. Since then, we no longer work with the eLicenser, but use an in-house licensing system. It is no longer possible to carry out new installations with an eLicenser.

If you need a new licence, please contact our support:


The activation of my plugin doesn’t work.2022-12-02T12:56:17+01:00

Enter the activation info manually, not with copy and paste.

Please load the plugin in another DAW. On Mac, you can use Garageband. On Windows, you may use the free VSTHOST/SAVIHost. Activate it there and then load it again from the DAW that you normally use.

Which licensing system is being used and how often can I install the software?2022-12-02T12:48:40+01:00

We use our own in-house licensing system which is fully software based. A dongle is not neccessary. Our software can not be installed using an eLicenser anymore.

With the purchase of one license, the software can be installed and used on up to 3 computers simultaneously.

My device came with a coupon code for Waldorf Edition 2 LE, but the code cannot be redeemed in myWaldorf!2022-12-02T14:38:12+01:00

We changed our registration service a while ago. Products which have been delivered before the change have a coupon code in the package that doesn’t work anymore. Please send us the code that doesn’t work and we’ll issue you a new one.

Waldorf Edition 2 LE is a software for audio synthesis on your computer. It’s not needed to run your device and it can’t be installed on your device either.



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