Quantum MK2 OS Update

V 3.0.1 for Quantum MK2 – also includes all new features and bug fixes of version 3.0 BETA 18 and of course the 16 voice polyphony option. If you are interested to take part of our BETA program and receive a newer OS version, just send us an email to support@waldorfmusic.com

OS 3.0 Feature List

ATTENTION: The Quantum OS versions are not compatible with the Iridium Desktop and the Iridium Keyboard and should not be installed on these devices.

Please download the newest OS version.

Unzip the file and put the quantum.update.bin file onto the main directory of an SD card, or USB device. The card must be in FAT32 format. It doesn’t need to have special certifications, just any standard SD card will do. Also, there’s no size requirements for the card. There must be at least 10MB of free memory on the card. Preferrably there should be no other files present on the card.

Insert the SD card into Quantum upside down.

Go to Global>System>Info and press Update. Quantum will then update itself and reboot automatically.

WARNING: While the update is running, do not switch off Quantum and do not disconnect the instrument from mains power!

After the firmware update, it might be necessary to recalibrate the pitch bend and mod wheel. (Click here for a detailed guide)