Quantum Init File 2.0

This file contains the init image for the Waldorf Quantum. It contains the OS, all the factory sounds and samples at the time of date stated in the file name. Initializing Quantum wth this image will reset the unit back to factory settings.

Download the image, unzip and write the .img file to an SD card with 4gb size or more using Balena Etcher. Copying the image file to an SD card won’t work, you will have to write the image onto the card using an imaging program like Win32 Disk Imager for Windows or Balena Etcher for Mac and Windows. During this process, all files which have been on the SD card before will be erased. Afterwards, your computer may inform you that the card needs to be formatted. Ignore the message and DO NOT FORMAT THE CARD.

Switch off Quantum and introduce the SD card. The card goes in upside down. Take a sharp pointy object like a pen or a bent paper clip and press the button in the small hole next to the SD card slot. Keep the button pressed, switch on Quantum and hold the button for about 5 more seconds. After the splash screen, a message will pop up that Quantum booted from SD card. Initialize Quantum and perform a “Full Init”. Now the synth will copy all the sounds and samples from the card. This takes about 45 minutes.

After the init process the pitch- and modulation wheel must be recalibrated.

Go to: Global/System/Calibrate/Wheels. The OS may also need to be updated. The Init is installed with OS 2.0.

WARNING: During initialization, Quantums internal memory will be cleared completely. Please back up your personal data before. Patches and samples can be exported using Load>Actions>Export.