Soundset Utopia


By Dr.-Ing. Christian Gritzner

**Requires License SL**
The sound set UTOPIA consists of 128 new sounds for the Waldorf Blofeld. It is an audiophile addition to the sound sets “Space Explorer” and Exo Worlds”. UTOPIA is based on the new and extended HG Fortune sample set (128 samples). It delivers new patches with a focus on awesome atmos, perfect pads and furious effects. There further sounds in the categories ARP, LEAD, and KEYS available.


    The “UTOPIA” sound set suits very well for sound scapes, ambient music, classical electronics, chill-out and sound track compositions.

    The new HG Fortune sample set is fully compatible with all sound sets based upon the former HG Fortune sample set. Just load the new sample set into your Blofeld and all those sounds are ready to play!

    This set requires Blofeld Keyboard or Blofeld with installed License SL.

    Listen to a demo of this Soundset:

    Soundset Demo

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