Soundset Space Electronics


By Inner Dreamer & HG Fortune

**Requires License SL** 128 patches providing fresh inspirations for your creativity! With the extended waveset we have also added to several patches “Morphing Between” and “Blending In” of waves via ModWheel or Aftertouch. This gives you powerful means and more expressiveness for amazing sonic motion and wide live sound variations at your fingertips.


    The HGF-Blofeld-Waveset-01 has been extended to HGF-Blofeld-Waveset-A-128, now containing 128 sample programs. The additions are of the Cpl and Scp type i.e. complex and scapes waveforms. As the new waves have simply been added, all prior soundsets for HGF-Blofeld-Waveset-01 are still fully functional.

    Please note: You’ll find a couple of patch names with at first glance cryptic letter combinations like MWM or ATML. Actualy the combinations are indicating what is used for wave morphing / blending in:

    MW = Modwheel so MWM = Modwheel Morphing
    M = Morphing
    ML = Morphing using LFO
    BI = Blend In (a 2nd wave)
    AT = Aftertouch
    E3 = Envelope 3 (used for morphing)
    Also we did add three simple or template like patches at #s 125, 126 & 127 showing the principles how it works

    Listen to a demo of this Soundset:

    Soundset Demo

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