Soundset The Solos – Trailer Track


„The Solos“ are an award winning trailer music agency in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, whose music and sound design has been used in movie trailers for 1917, Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Godzilla, Black Panther and many others.


    „Trailer Tracking“ is a collection of 64 Quantum/ Iridium sounds developed by Dennis Braunsdorf of „The Solos“ when working on actual trailers. These sounds are daring and extreme and used in trailers for Sci-Fi, action and superhero movies.

    From subterranean basses to soaring leads, shattering sequences, rolling risers and eery ambiences. The sound bank comes with a construction kit including 16 risers: 8 risers are 1-4 seconds long, the other 8 risers are 10-40 seconds long.

    Use the Mod wheel to change the length of a riser!

    The Solos are also closely working with international companies like Steinberg and Native Instruments supplying content for their musical products.

    Listen to a demo of this Soundset:

    Soundset Demo

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