We present: Our new logo

It is the year 2022 and the classic Waldorf logo was created back in 1990. The design of the website became also a bit outdated, and technically speaking, it felt as if we were travelling back in time to the early 2010s. In short, the time had come to beam the website, and with it the logo, into the future.

Waldorf trusted designer Axel Hartmann was again significantly involved and engaged in this relaunch.

Axel not only designs logos and websites, he is also responsible for the product design of all Waldorf devices as well as the software plug-ins. This collaberation dates back to the beginnings of Waldorf when Axel designed the classic Waldorf logo as his first design work directly after completing his studies. We think it speaks for itself that this logo was used unchanged for 32 years and unmistakably represented the brand “Waldorf” and also the Waldorf company itself.

The classic logo used a graphical stylised wave as an integral part. This component has now been even more emphasised in the new design. Therefore the logo now not only symbolises a wave, but at the same time forms the letter “W” and builds a bridge to the previous logo in this way.

In the new design the lettering is based on a timeless, sans-serif font that has been specially adapted for the final brand lettering. This forms a contrast to the previous brand lettering, which is based on a heavily modified Times New Roman font.

The new logo represents the core values of the Waldorf brand: modernity, clarity and accessibility – and these values now also form the basis of the new Waldorf website.

We invite you to experience and discover our new, modern website with its clear and accessible user interface.