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I think I have to send my device in, how do I proceed? What do I have to do when I send my unit to Waldorf from outside the European Union?2023-09-27T17:10:04+02:00

First, make sure you’ve tried all the procedures above that are related to your issue.

If nothing helps and your device is still covered by warranty, please contact the retailer where this device has been bought.

All our devices come with 2 years of warranty. Depending on local law, some retailers only cover 1 year of warranty service. If your device has been bought more than one but less than two years ago, and your dealer refuses to do a warranty service repair, please contact the distributor for your area. You will find a list of them here: https://waldorfmusic.com/en/international-distributors

If your device is out of warranty, please, use the button in the upper right corner. Please, give a precise description of the error. If it’s really necessary to send in your unit, we will issue an RMA form.

Wrap up your device safely. Ensure that it’s padded at least 5cm/2inches in ALL directions all around. Use a sturdy cardboard box and parcel tape. Do not use gaffers tape as this often becomes detached during transport. You are responsible for transport damages that result in improper wrapping. Best if you use the original padding and box, then wrap up the device as it was when you received it.

Fill out the RMA form on your computer. Print it out, sign it and put it INSIDE the box. We reserve the right to refuse working on devices which come with no error description.

IMPORTANT: When sending in your device from outside the EU

All packages must have a proforma invoice stuck on the OUTSIDE of the box. This is important for the customs duty. The contents of the parcel must be named and described exactly on the invoice, with declaration of the date of purchase and condition of the unit.

We would recommend to describe your device as defective and mark the contents of the parcel at a total value of 25€ or less. Otherwise, there will be extra fees (tax) from customs duties which we must pass onto you. No tax will be charged for goods with a value less than 25 €. Keep in mind that in case the parcel gets lost, the insurance of the post service (if applicable) will only refund the value marked in the declaration.

If the above points are not considered, please be aware that we must charge you the extra costs which arise through customs duty for storage and the additional handling etc. This would be an amount between 60 – 100 Euro.

I need spare parts for my device, where can I get them?2023-09-27T17:11:07+02:00

In the shop you will find a detailed overview. However, ordering and shipping is only possible in Europe.

Does my device send audio via its USB connection?2023-09-27T17:12:30+02:00

No, this device only sends and receives MIDI via USB. Transferring audio via USB isn’t possible.

Are the outputs from my device balanced or unbalanced?2022-12-02T17:03:24+01:00

This device has unbalanced outputs. We recommend using it with unbalanced cables.

My device isn’t recognized via USB.2023-09-27T17:14:32+02:00

Make sure that your device is connected to your computer directly and not through a hub.

Use the rear USB ports of your computer, not the front USB ports.

Disconnect all other USB devices from your computer which aren’t needed at the moment.

Change the USB cable or try from a different computer.

On Mac: Click on About this Mac in the Apple menu. Select System Report. Go to the Hardware dropdown menu on the left and unfold it. Select USB. Check if your device is listed there.

On Windows: Press the Win key+R. Enter devmgmt.msc and press OK. Check if your device is listed there. If it shows up as an “Unknown Device” and if there’s a black and yellow warning sign, deinstall the driver. Then unplug the instrument, reboot your machine and plug it back in.

Where can I find the download section and the manuals?2023-09-27T17:17:14+02:00

At the end of the FAQ list you will find the download links for this product.

How can I update the firmware of STVC?2022-12-04T21:21:01+01:00

Please download the newest firmware from the download section (at the end of the FAQ list) and unzip. Go to the System menu and press + several times until you reach Actions… Turn the encoder next to the display to select Await Firmware? and press Yes. Load the .mid file into your DAW and play it back to STVC. Choose a playback speed of 60bpm. You may also use your standard system mediaplayer, as long as the output is routed to the STVC.

IMPORTANT: Do not interrupt the transmission of the firmware while the update process is running.

When the update is complete, STVC will automatically reboot itself.

My microphone doesn’t work, what can I do?2022-12-04T21:28:26+01:00

Make sure that the STVC is set up correctly and the mic is connected properly.

Insert the microphone that came with the STVC into the XLR jack on the front board, until the connector clicks audibly.

Press and hold the Tweak button and press A to enter the System menu. Press Yes several times until you reach Input Gain. Use the encoder at the right hand side of the display to set the value to +15 DB.

Go to Mic Power by pressing Yes several times and set this value to ON.

Leave the menu by pressing Tweak again. Now go to any patch. Set the Balance knob to 100% Strings. Press the VOCODER button underneath the microphone connector, until the button is lit. The Freeze button must not be lit for this test!

Set the Main Volume knob to zero. Press and hold a key on the keyboard and talk into the microphone. Distance between you and the mic should be not more like 8″/20cm. Keep on talking, keep holding the key and slowly increase the Main Volume level. At some point, something should be audible over the line and headphone outputs.

If you have another mic at hand, please try this on the STVC as well. You can connect any dynamic microphone (for example: Shure SM58, Shure Beta 58A, Sennheiser e8xx series etc.) Please connect your dynamic mic with an XLR cable and test it. Condenser or ribbon microphones should not be used with the STVC though.


Which microphones can I connect to STVC?2022-12-04T21:26:47+01:00

Instead of the mic that came with STVC, you may use any other dynamic microphone, for example Shure SM58 or Sennheiser e8xx series. Not all mics deliver a sufficiently high level though – Shure Beta 58 A works, but the volume will be soft. Just try out the microphones that you have available. If you find a model that works well, let us know!

Condenser mics will not work though. STVC supplies a small amount of phantom power to the XLR connector, but this voltage is way below the standard 48V and just tailored to the mic that came with your STVC. For this reason, the setting MIC POWER in the System menu must be set to ON when using the supplied microphone.

Do not connect ribbon microphones to the STVC, as the present phantom power may damage your ribbon microphone.

Do the controls of STVC send and receive MIDI CC?2022-12-04T18:36:43+01:00

Yes! All the potentiometers and switches send and react to MIDI CC, except for Global Volume and Keyboard Transpose.

Is there a “Local Off” function?2022-12-04T21:34:08+01:00

Yes! Due to the unexpected high number of requests, STVC can be put to Local Control: OFF. Then, the internal sound engine will not react to STVCs internal keyboard, but it will play notes that have been transmitted to STVC via MIDI. In order to reduce support inquiries, this feature is only active until STVC is switched off.

Which MIDI CCs are assigned to the parameters?2022-12-04T18:35:05+01:00
HEX DEZ Parameter Values
46 70 Strings Registration
47 71 Strings Octave Base/Both/8va 00/01/02
48 72 Strings Release
49 73 Strings Crescendo
4A 74 Strings Ensemble FX Type Strings/Both/Chorus 00/01/02
4B 75 Strings Ensemble FX On/Off
4C 76 Solo Tone
4D 77 Solo Tremolo
4E 78 Low/Layer/High 00/01/02
4F 79 Solo Env Decay/Release Type 00/01
50 80 Solo Attack
51 81 Solo Decay/Release Amount
52 82 Balance
5C 92 Animate Depth
5D 93 Phaser Depth
5E 94 Reverb Mix
66 102 Animate Rate
67 103 Phaser Rate
68 104 Reverb Size
B0 176 Vocoder On/Off 00/01


Additionally, you may use CTRL X in the Tweak Matrix. This links one CC directly to a modulation destination of your choice. The corresponding C of CTRL X can be selected in the System menu.

How can I reset STVC back to the factory sounds and settings?2022-12-04T21:37:44+01:00

Press and hold Tweak while pressing the A button to get into the System menu.

Press + several times until you reach the lowest line. Turn the encoder to the right of the display a couple of clicks until you can see “FACTORY SOUNDSET? [Y]” Press Yes. This plays the factory sound set back in.

Adjust the other settings in the menu to the following values:


Master Tuning: 440 Hz

Transpose: +00

Pitch Bend Range: 02

Control X: 002

Tx Edits: Off

Tx Program Change: On

TX Aftertouch: On

TX Keys/Controls: On

Local Control: On

Device ID: 000

Line In: Off

Input Gain: +18dB

Input Low-cut : Off

Mic Power: On

Freeze Threshold: 002

Is it possible to adjust the Balance knob so that the Solo section sounds on Stereo L and the Strings on Stereo R?2023-03-14T16:38:12+01:00

This isn’t possible. The Balance knob only fades between Strings and Solo, but they are equally distributed on both of the stereo channels.

Can I use the phaser with the solo section?2022-12-04T21:32:37+01:00

No, that’s not possible. The phaser only works on the string section of Streichfett and STVC.

The line output signal level on my device is very low or distorted or noisy.2023-09-27T17:43:14+02:00

Make sure that the necessary cables are connected properly and that the introduced signals are the correct type. Also, the device must be powered correctly.

If that and the other hints described on the FAQs do not help, please contact your dealer. In case your device is out of warranty, please use the support form at the bottom page.

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