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Where can I find the download section and the manuals?2023-09-27T17:17:14+02:00

At the end of the FAQ list you will find the download links for this product.

How can I update the DSP/EXP firmware of the M?2022-12-04T21:48:55+01:00

After login to your “myWaldorf” account you can find the firmware downloads under “myHardware”

Copy the “M_DSP_Firmware.dfu” file onto the top-level of a suitable SD card.
Insert the SD card into M’s card slot.

Press the Sound/System encoder to enter the System mode.
The LED on the right of the dial lit in white.

Click on the LFO button to switch to the System Operation pages.

Use the Sound/System encoder to navigate to the System Service page, where the Update DSP Firmware command is located. Use the silver display dial to select this command.

Press the OK button and follow the instructions.

ATTENTION: Do not under any circumstances turn off M while the update process is in progress. Only when prompted by the device.
A complete loss of data may occur and it will be impossible for you to make your machine work again!

How can I perform a Host firmware update of M?2022-12-04T21:47:26+01:00

After login to your “myWaldorf” account you can find the firmware downloads under “myHardware”

Copy the „M_Host_Firmware.dfu“ file onto the root directory of a SD card.
Insert the SD card into M’s card slot.

Switch your M off.

Hold down both Bank/Part buttons and switch M on again.

The firmware update should be recognized automatically.

To start the firmware update process, press the OK button.

After the firmware is installed correctly, M burns it into its FLASH memory.

Wait until the operation is completed. If updating was successful, the M will perform a system reset and start by pressing the OK button again.

How to load a soundset or copy a bank?2022-12-04T21:52:58+01:00

The “Load Current Bank” function (System/Operations) can be used to reload the currently selected M bank. For example, if bank 8 is selected in the M and the command is executed, bank “sbank0008“ is loaded from the inserted card. If you want to load a soundset to bank 12 for example, simply rename the file to “sbank0012“, select bank 12 on M and load it via „Load Current Bank“

This function also allows whole banks to be copied. For example, if you want to copy bank 13 to bank 10, create a copy of bank 13 with your computer and rename it to “sbank0010”. If you are on bank 10 in the M and select the command “Load Current Bank”, bank 10 (sbank0010) is loaded.

The M starts with a very high volume, how can I adjust the default volume?2022-12-04T21:54:40+01:00

Press on the black encoder on the left side of the display to enter the “Settings” menu of the M. In this menu you can also adjust some other useful parameters beside the “Master Volume” parameter.


With the left encoder under the display select the menu item “Master Volume”.


Now you can adjust the value of this item with the second left encoder under the display.


IMPORTANT: Afterwards the value needs to be stored permanently with the button “Store” on the right side of the display.

Which SD card can I use with my M?2022-12-04T17:49:53+01:00

Any SD card formatted in FAT32 can be used with the M. We are not aware of any incompatibilities so far.

Special certifications for increased speed are not necessary and are more likely to cause errors and faults.

SD XC cards (exFAT) with higher access speeds cannot be formatted in FAT32 and are therefore not suitable.

Since there are no large data transfers necessary with the M, a simple inexpensive SD HC card is completely sufficient.

M “Freeze” while SD card inserted2022-12-04T21:55:51+01:00

If the M displays an error message or “freezes” when using an SD card, please use another SD card. The card may be too old. The card should be low-level formatted with sector size 512 bytes/FAT32

Which power supply can I use?2022-12-04T17:00:57+01:00

Please use only the provided power supply. If this didn’t come with your device, please contact your dealer.

The cable between the power supply and your power socket is a common “figure of eight” or C7 plug type. If you happen to have the EU version of the PSU but live outside the EU, you can just get the matching cable to connect it to your socket. The power supply is a wide-range type for every range and combination between 110-240V and 50-60Hz.

This device can’t be powered via USB.

What are the four holes on the bottom of the device for? Can I connect a VESA mount here?2022-12-04T19:59:21+01:00

Iridium and newer revisions of Kyra have a VESA 75 recepticle on the bottom, that’s the standard that TV supports have. Most VESA supports support two standards at once, one with 75mm and one with 100m distance between the middles of the holes. You will have to get one that has the holes for 75mm only, otherwise that won’t fit.

There should be Vesa mounts with an arm available that can be clamped to the edge of a table, so you can position the anywhere where the arm goes, as long as it’s stable. However, we can’t tell one exact model that fits. When choosing, make sure that this support can carry the weight of your instrument safely.

You will need M4 screws for the VESA holes. Important: The screws that you use for the VESA holes must not be longer than 8mm plus the thickness of the VESA mount. Otherwise, the screws may touch the components on the board which may lead to serious damage and/or injury.

The line output signal level on my device is very low or distorted or noisy.2023-09-27T17:43:14+02:00

Make sure that the necessary cables are connected properly and that the introduced signals are the correct type. Also, the device must be powered correctly.

If that and the other hints described on the FAQs do not help, please contact your dealer. In case your device is out of warranty, please use the support form at the bottom page.

I think I have to send my device in, how do I proceed? What do I have to do when I send my unit to Waldorf from outside the European Union?2023-09-27T17:10:04+02:00

First, make sure you’ve tried all the procedures above that are related to your issue.

If nothing helps and your device is still covered by warranty, please contact the retailer where this device has been bought.

All our devices come with 2 years of warranty. Depending on local law, some retailers only cover 1 year of warranty service. If your device has been bought more than one but less than two years ago, and your dealer refuses to do a warranty service repair, please contact the distributor for your area. You will find a list of them here: https://waldorfmusic.com/en/international-distributors

If your device is out of warranty, please, use the button in the upper right corner. Please, give a precise description of the error. If it’s really necessary to send in your unit, we will issue an RMA form.

Wrap up your device safely. Ensure that it’s padded at least 5cm/2inches in ALL directions all around. Use a sturdy cardboard box and parcel tape. Do not use gaffers tape as this often becomes detached during transport. You are responsible for transport damages that result in improper wrapping. Best if you use the original padding and box, then wrap up the device as it was when you received it.

Fill out the RMA form on your computer. Print it out, sign it and put it INSIDE the box. We reserve the right to refuse working on devices which come with no error description.

IMPORTANT: When sending in your device from outside the EU

All packages must have a proforma invoice stuck on the OUTSIDE of the box. This is important for the customs duty. The contents of the parcel must be named and described exactly on the invoice, with declaration of the date of purchase and condition of the unit.

We would recommend to describe your device as defective and mark the contents of the parcel at a total value of 25€ or less. Otherwise, there will be extra fees (tax) from customs duties which we must pass onto you. No tax will be charged for goods with a value less than 25 €. Keep in mind that in case the parcel gets lost, the insurance of the post service (if applicable) will only refund the value marked in the declaration.

If the above points are not considered, please be aware that we must charge you the extra costs which arise through customs duty for storage and the additional handling etc. This would be an amount between 60 – 100 Euro.

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