Reinhold Heil in conversation with Waldorf Music

In an exclusive interview with us, Reinhold Heil shares his inspiration and tells us why he is so excited about our Quantum.

In January 2023 we sat down to an exclusive interview with highly acclaimed composer, producer and musician Reinhold Heil.
We talk about Reinhold’s lifelong relationship with Waldorf synthesizers and his creative process.

Reinhold was one of the first users of the Waldorf Quantum right after we presented the new instrument at the NAMM show 2018.
He is main contributor of the instrument’s factory patches and sample content. His ideas and insights were important and inspiring
for the further development of the sound design capabilities of the instrument.

We are proud that Reinhold took time with us to speak about his experiences with Waldorf instruments and his musical process.
His work is based on a life-long career in the music business and as a film composer. He speaks from his early beginning in
childhood and upbringing, how he got in contact with synthesizers and how those instruments inspired him to make a career
first as keyboarder in bands like Spliff or “Nina Hagen Band.”

Always interested in the process of music making and the technology involved he naturally became a music producer of 80ties
classics like Nena’s “99 Luftballons.”

Becoming more and more involved with sound design and techno he naturally developed in the 90ties into film scoring and
collaborated Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer for internationally succesful films like “Run Lola Run” or “Cloud Atlas.”
After moving to Los Angeles he became film scoring projects like HBO’s highly successful “Deadwood” series.

We had been luck to reach Reinhold for our interview in his new home in Hawaii where he builds a new studio for his
next musical endeavours. Please watch our inspiring and informative conversation with him here: