Quantum Factories

The file “Quantum Factories” can be used to reload individual patches from the Factory Library including the corresponding samples. Useful if a a sound or sample was accidentally deleted.

After unpacking the zip file, copy the folder “Patches+Samples” to a USB stick and insert it into the USB port of your Quantum. Afterwards you can load individual patches using the Load/Actions/Import function. If the required sample is still available, it will not be loaded additionally.

Additionally, you will find various presets for different effects, wavetables and some oscillator models in the “Presets” folder. If necessary, these can be loaded via the preset/load function in the corresponding section.

289 additional patches from Iridium KB to load in Quantum or Iridium desktop. Sounds from Christian Gritzner, Matt Johnson and synth_nyc. OS Version 2.8.0 is recommended.