Soundset Kevin Schroeder – Synthwave Edition


Kevin Schroeder “DejaVu Sound” is an international sound designer. He has worked with Trevor Morris, Paul Haslinger and Hans Zimmer on various film scores such as Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun Maverick, James Bond and Dune 2020. His sound sets for Iridium and Quantum are a real enrichment and allow a direct entry into the world of film music.


    The “Synthwave Edition” contains 64 patches with various bass sounds, several leads, atmospheres and dreamlike pad sounds. With Kevins patches you can create impressive soundscapes in no time. In addition, the set again offers a variety of complex “sequences”. A characteristic of Kevin Schroeder that is appreciated not least by Hans Zimmer.

    These are played with one key and are ideal for creating a complete song. The simultaneous use of both layers and several parameter tracks in the sequencer creates very dynamic and atmospheric soundscapes. Of course, the “Sequencer Sounds” can also be played without the sequencer by simply turning it off.

    In the video the set is presented with 2 IRIDIUM. Of course you can also use them on an IRIDIUM or Quantum.

    Checkout the demo Video on Youtube

    Soundset Demo

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