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synth_nyc has been working with synthesizers since the mid-80s. He gained experience with MKS50, CS80, Jupiter-8, Waldorf Wave, Prophet VS and many more. His passion for synthesizers has remained to this day and he currently provides soundsets for “gsmusic” and, among others, an OB-E set for “gforcesoftware”.

The Blue Journey 128 sound set for the M synthesizer explores the technology from the past that made PPG and Waldorf Music machines historical landmarks. It highlights firmware version 1.07 and 1.08 that brought a slew of functionally to the M; almost giving it new synthesizer engines without sacrificing user experience!

Transients/samples must be loaded for the soundset. These are included in the downloads.

Listen to the amazing audio demos.

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    The first 32 [1-32] patches are using MW1 mode only with PPG Transitions (short 22kHz / 16bit mono samples) exclusively; PPG Transitions reading feature was introduced in firmware version 1.07. Those patches have the Transition number + Slot number in the M Patch Name, so it’s easy to rebuild (e.g. T143 S3 Low Rez Vox is the patch name of patch number 1 on the M, using PPG Transition T143 in M Slot 3).

    The required samples are from the original PPG library and have already been renamed for use in the M. A detailed overview and instructions for loading the samples into there M are available in the downloads after purchase.

    The next 32 [33-64] patches are exploring MW2 mode new features: new digital filters were introduced in firmware version 1.08.

    Those patches have the M digital filter type in the M Patch Name (and in the file name on synth_nyc website and bandcamp) (e.g. B Stop Marbles is the patch name of patch number 36 on the M, using the B Stop filter), so it’s easy to know which filter was used and showcasing the M firmware 1.08 capability.

    The last 64 [65-128] patches are a mix of MW1 and MW2 modes but not using any Transitions.

    In The Blue Journey sound set, you will find many vocal textures, vocal plucks, vocal basses and vocal pads because this is probably where the M excels; where it’s ‘magic’ and uniqueness are more present. There are also many other leads, basses, and even VA patches; and of course many wavetable scanning patches, that can make it to any retro or modern production.

    I hope you’ll enjoy The Blue Journey, as much as I enjoyed programming the patches.


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