Soundset Space Explorer


By Dr. Christian Gritzner

**Requires License SL**
The Space Explorer sound set is based on the inspiring HG Fortune sample set and picks up the thread of the Alien Vanguard sound sets. It is dedicated to the beauty of the universe and provides numerous warm and dreamy pads, catching atmospheres, cool deep space effects, driving arpeggios, analog leads, and more.


    These Space Explorer sounds for Blofeld enrich your sonic capabilities and call for your cosmic ambient chill-out sound track compositions.

    The set contains a patch bank of 128 Blofeld sound patches, redundant for the banks A through H.

    Dr.-Ing. Christian Gritzner is a professional in space technology and has insight into into synthesizers and drums for 30 years. He already programmed sounds for synthesizers of several companies with different synthesis methods (analog/VA, FM, additive, physical modeling).

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