Soundset Pure Mood


By Dr.-Ing. Christian Gritzner

**Requires License SL**
PURE MOOD shows the power of the pure Blofeld sound engine, providing 128 new patches with pads, atmos, leads, arps, and other sounds. These patches shall give a glimpse into the mood of the era of classic synthesizers (e.g. PPG, MiniMoog, Juno, etc.) and pioneers of electronic music (e.g. Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, etc.).


    This sound set is dedicated to our friend Günter Hager aka HG Fortune, who passed away much too early.

    This soundset requires License SL.
    On the Blofeld, the HGF Waveset needs to be installed. See our support section for help.

    Picture by Dr.-Ing. Christian Gritzner

    Listen to a demo of this Soundset:

    Soundset Demo

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