Soundset Olaf Wampke (OK Music) – System of Time


OK MUSIC is a creative team that writes, produces, and advises on music in the R&B, Pop, and Alternative genres for international artists and its own projects. The core team consists of Olaf Wampke, Jörg János Jäger, and many creative minds from the fields of music, film, art, culture, design, philosophy, and science.

Since the 90s, Olaf Wampke has developed sound design for advertising, film, and various manufacturers such as Yamaha, Emu, Akai, and Roland. Later, he focused more on sound design in the musical realm, particularly in mastering, at Château du Pape, the current Home Studios in Hamburg. Jörg János Jäger has worked in the areas of advertising, film music, and music production.

In this context, the Waldorf Quantum/Iridium offers a unique opportunity to shape the sound one envisions quickly and intuitively with the hands.


    System Of Time is a soundset that merges classical modernity with the future. In the pursuit of something truly new and in tune with the zeitgeist, this dramatic soundset was born. It is based on playable sound structures that sometimes evoke noise, making it perfect for film, radio, and television. This soundset is versatile and can be used across different genres.
    The sounds reminiscent of Melotrons and the beginnings of electronic music, with dramatic movements from weak overtones to rich overtones, completeley controllable via modulation wheel and other controllers. The soundset immerses listeners in new atmospheres. Drones that firmly embed themselves inject new drama into every moving image. Soft and cutting pads with highly recognizable characteristics captivate the listener. Sometimes organic in movement, sometimes rich in formants in a completely new overtone structure, this soundset creates yet to unheard-of new sounds in such a dramatic and dynamic form. The crucial element enabling this sonic spectacle is the Waldorf Quantum/Iridium.

    Soundset Demo

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