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As a modern musician, DJ or producer, you are constantly on the road and have to be prepared for all circumstances. On Mondays a recording session in Paris, on Wednesdays a live set in the hottest club and on weekends creative chilling with friends at the beach house. Besides your favourite Waldorf synthesizer, you also need space for a laptop, iPad, mobile phone, various cables, cameras, powerbanks and your of course a toothbrush. There’s room for all of that in your Waldorf Backpack.

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    The large interior offers perfect protection for your Iridium, M or Kyra and was designed precisely for this purpose. Corners and edges have been specially reinforced so that a 7 kg device can be safely transported and strapped in. Thanks to the robust plastic ribs on the underside, you can place the backpack on the floor without worrying.

    The expandable front section offers many other practical spaces for laptops, mobile phones, notes or travel documents. Everything is within easy reach. In addition to the well-padded shoulder straps, there is also a sturdy strap with which the backpack can be slid over a luggage pole. If you are going on a longer trip.

    The Waldorf backpack is your perfect companion.

    The outer material is made of 168D high quality and robust polyester. The new Waldorf logo is printed on a sturdy metal plate 3 x 8 cm.

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    Dimensions 60 × 44 × 22 cm
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