M Firmware Updates

The updates for M usually consist of 2 files. Host-Firmware and DSP-Firmware. These must be loaded in different ways. The exact procedure is described below. Any SD card formatted in FAT32 can be used with the M. We are not aware of any incompatibilities so far. Special certifications for increased speed are not necessary and are more likely to cause errors and faults. SD XC cards (exFAT) with higher access speeds cannot be formatted in FAT32 and are therefore not suitable. Since there are no large data transfers necessary with the M, a simple inexpensive SD HC card is completely sufficient.

How to update M’s Host firmware:

Copy the „M_Host_Firmware.dfu“ file onto the root directory of a SD card.
Insert the SD card into M’s card slot.

Switch your M off.

Hold down both Bank/Part buttons and switch M on again.

The firmware update should be recognized automatically.

To start the firmware update process, press the OK button.

After the firmware is installed correctly, M burns it into its FLASH memory.

Wait until the operation is completed. If updating was successful, the M will perform a system reset and start by pressing the OK button again.

How to update the M DSP firmware:

Copy the “M_DSP_Firmware.dfu” file onto the top-level of a suitable SD card.
Insert the SD card into M’s card slot.

Press the Sound/System encoder to enter the System mode.
The LED on the right of the dial lit in white.

Click on the LFO button to switch to the System Operation pages.

Use the Sound/System encoder to navigate to the System Service page, where the Update DSP Firmware command is located. Use the silver display dial to select this command.

Press the OK button and follow the instructions.

ATTENTION: Do not under any circumstances turn the M off while the update process is in progress. Only when prompted by the device. A complete loss of data may occur and it will be impossible for you to make your machine work again!

If a voice expansion board (EXP) is installed you have to repeat the same steps for the EXP.