Iridium Keyboard OS Update

If you are interested to take part in our BETA program and receive infos about newer BETA OS versions, just follow this link:

OS 3.0 Feature List

ATTENTION: The Iridium Keyboard OS versions are not compatible with the Iridium Desktop and the Quantum and should not be installed on these devices.

Unzip the file and copy iridium-keyboard.update.bin into the main directory of a USB drive or a MicroSD card. The drive doesn’t need to have any special certifications. Use FAT or EX FAT format. You will need less than 20MB of free space on the drive.

Connect the USB drive to the Controller port on your Iridium or carefully insert the MicroSD card into the corresponding slot. The card needs to be inserted with the upside downwards and the contacts facing upwards. Gently insert the card and avoid jamming it. The card clicks into place when inserted correctly.

On Iridium, press Global/System/Update and select the .bin file. Iridium now processes the update automatically. During the process, do not touch any of the controls on the device, do not send MIDI towards Iridium and most important, do not switch off the device and do not cut the power. The whole process takes less than a minute.