Iridium Keyboard Init File

Download this file:

You will need:

  • One MicroSD card (There is no special type of MicroSD card necessary. There might be compatibility issues with the newest generation of cards, so preferrably take the oldest and smallest card that you have.)
  • One USB stick, 4GB or larger

Both media and all contents of Iridium will be erased completely during the process. Save your personal data before.

These files contain the necessary files for initializing Iridium-KB. The Rescue file is needed to make a MicroSD card to kick-start the Iridium-KB and to enter Full Init mode. The other file contains the resources directory for a USB stick with all the factory sounds and samples and the OS at the time of date stated in the file name. Initializing Iridium will reset the unit back to factory settings and restore all factory files.

Download the Rescue image, unzip and write the .img file to a MicroSD card using Balena Etcher. Copying the image file to an SD card won’t work, you will have to write the image onto the card using an imaging program like Win32 Disk Imager for Windows or Balena Etcher for Mac and Windows. During this process, all files which have been on the MicroSD card before will be erased. Balena Etcher may note you that the image is not bootable. Ignore the message and continue the process. Afterwards, your computer may inform you that the card needs to be formatted. Ignore the message and DO NOT FORMAT THE CARD.

Now download the .zipfile with the resources folder and unzip. Take a USB stick with 4GB memory or more. Delete all other files on the stick. Best if you format the stick in FAT32 before using it.

Then, copy the iridium-keyboard.update.bin and the resources folder with all its contents into the main directory of the USB stick.

Switch off Iridium. Introduce the USB stick and the MicroSD card. The card goes in with the contacts facing upwards. Make sure to insert it straightly so that it does not bend, break or get stuck.

Take a sharp pointy object like a pen or a bent paper clip and press the button in the small hole next to the MicroSD card slot. Keep the button pressed, switch on Iridium and hold the button for about 5 more seconds. After the splash screen, a message will pop up that Iridium booted from SD card. Initialize Iridium and perform a “Full Init”. Now the synth will copy all the sounds and samples from the USB stick. This takes about 30 minutes and the device will show a message onscreen when finished. Then, the device needs to be switched off and the two media should be removed. After the next start the message: “rebuilding patch cache” appears and Iridium is then back in the factory state.

Since the init process was performed with OS version 2.8.0, you should now update to the current OS version.

Finally you have to recalibrate the Wheels (Mod & Pitch) via Global/System/Calibrate/Wheels.

WARNING: During initialization, Iridiums internal memory will be cleared completely. Please back up your personal data before. Patches and samples can be exported using Load>Actions>Export.