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Sound Generation

Zarenbourg Editor Software 

We soon discovered that no single universal sound generator can deliver the unconditional quality we were determined to achieve for all sounds. So we developed the three sound generators that now feature prominently in the Zarenbourg:

Zarenbourg Modeling EditorPhysical modeling
Developed specifically to conjure electric piano sounds, this physical model replicates all the components of an archetypal instrument with jaw-dropping accuracy. It actually lets you manipulate the material, shape, and consistency of tone forks and reeds, the design and action of hammers, the position and type of the pick-up, and many more key details. What makes the e-piano sound so vibrant and compelling is its vast dynamic range. We believe that this sound generator captures the full breadth of its sonic glory – and with staggering authenticity at that.

Zarenbourg Sample EditorDirect Streaming sample playback
Direct Streaming technology remains the solution of choice for the sounds of classic grand pianos and their electric equivalents. Paired with a sizable sample memory, it is able to render vast sample libraries – hyper-realistically, directly, and with no time spent in buffering limbo waiting for samples to load. Uploading user samples is a piece of cake.

Zarenbourg FM EditorSix-operator FM synthesis
No e-piano arsenal would be complete without the instrument that dominated ‘80s music, the FM piano. Neither samples nor physical models truly capture the power and dynamics of its sound. So we equipped the Zarenbourg with a six-operator FM sound engine. Now it offers classic DX pianos as well as a bevy of other trademark FM sounds. Used alone or in combination with sample- and model-based sound generators, they add yet another mouthwatering variety of flavors to the Zarenbourg’s sonic smorgasbord.

The effects section offers all the must-have piano effects in to-die-for quality. What’s more, the chorus, flanger, phaser, echo/reverb, auto wah, equalizer, and overdrive may all be used simultaneously. Accessing each effect’s key parameters poses no difficulty. Tremolo is available universally for all sounds. And you can add to the seven factory presets by storing up to 21 user programs.

The software editor (Mac & PC compatible, available summer 2014) affords direct access to all generators’ fundamental sound-shaping parameters, as well as to the Zarenbourg’s menus of internal sounds and layers.