Waldorf Edition 2 Upgrade

49,00 €

This is the Upgrade from Waldorf Edition LE to the full version of Waldorf Edition 2.

Owners of legitimate versions of D-Pole, PPG 2.V, Attack and Waldorf Edition LE are entitled to use this upgrade.

- 24 slots instead of 12
- 64 voices instead of 8
- melodic playable Sounds
- 6 stereo outputs

PPG Wave 2.V:
- Reception on all 8 MIDI-Channels, instead of 1
- 64 voices instead of 8
- 2 Stereo outputs
- possibility to upgrade on PPG Wave 3.V

Delivery note for Software products: After your payment has been confirmed you will find your order confirmation along with your invoice in your MyWaldorf account in the order section.