Waldorf Edition

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Waldorf Edition 2

Waldorf Edition 2 is a collection of these three exceptional plugins:
  • PPG Wave 2.2V is a virtual reincarnation of its namesake cult classic, coming to prominence with the trailblazing PPG Wave series starting back in 1982.
  • Attack is a percussion synthesizer powered by an almighty analogue synth sound generator. It transports the trademark sounds of classic Eighties analogue drum machines and the progressive electronic club beats of the Nineties onwards and upwards into truly 21st Century production environments.
  • D-Pole completes the Waldorf Edition 2 lineup as a very versatile filter plug-in with the five filter types lowpass, bandpass, high pass, notch, and resonator. All spiced up by optional sample rate reduction, ring modulation and overdrive of up to +52 dB, and a stereo delay - all in wondrous Waldorf quality
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Waldorf Edition 2 Upgrade

This is the Upgrade from Waldorf Edition LE to the full version of Waldorf Edition 2.

Owners of legitimate versions of D-Pole, PPG 2.V, Attack and Waldorf Edition LE are entitled to use this upgrade.

- 24 slots instead of 12
- 64 voices instead of 8
- melodic playable Sounds
- 6 stereo outputs

PPG Wave 2.V:
- Reception on all 8 MIDI-Channels, instead of 1
- 64 voices instead of 8
- 2 Stereo outputs
- possibility to upgrade on PPG Wave 3.V

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Waldorf Edition 2 LE

This is the LE version of Waldorf Edition 2. It has some restrictions over the full version. The full version has many advantages over the LE version:



  • 24 parts instead of 12 in LE version
  • 64 voices opposed to eight in LE version
  • melodic sounds
  • six stereo outputs


PPG Wave 2.V:

  • eight MIDI channels
  • 64 voices instead of eight
  • two stereo outputs
  • possible upgrade to PPG Wave 3.V in our webshop
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Waldorf Edition V1-> V2 Upgrade

This upgradesa Waldorf Edition full version to Waldorf Edition 2.

The enhanced Waldorf Edition 2 is the successor to the classic Waldorf Edition. All PlugIns now have a radically revamped user interface. Besides this, Attack now contains an exceptionally expanded effects section with Delay, Equalizer, Drive, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, and Reverb.

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