World of L.

30,00 €

by sound designer Lotuzia

World of L. offers more than 170 new unique presets for Waldorf Largo Synthesizer, clearly organized into two banks, and precise sound categories. All presets include mod wheel and aftertouch modulations, as well as fine tuned velocity control to guaranty the most expressive, pleasurable and organic patches.

This library puts the focus on 100% usable patches in domains as various as Movie and Game music scoring, Classic and Electronic Track writing, Cinematic patches, Classic patches reminiscent of the 80s and 90s era, and every kind of Electronic Music like EDM, Lounge, Chill Out, Ambient, Urban, and Vintage Funky tunes.

It’s not recommended for hard style dance floor tracks. Just listen to the demos of the patches in isolation and you’ll get a good idea of what World of L. has to offer for you: Each patch is an instantaneous journey into music, and is ready to mix.

Note: Sound Designer Lotuzia is well-known for having populated the factory libraries of numerous synthesizers. This Signature soundbank now makes his unmistakable sound available for all Largo lovers. Naked Truth Audio Demos (One instance of Largo at a time, no external effects added )

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