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Largo Synthesizer

Largo is the first pure software synthesizer with Waldorf DNA. And again – it is the cutting edge sound that makes the big difference. No wonder, as Largo mirrors the technology used in Blofeld and Q hardware synthesizers.

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Future Sound Waves

by SoundsDivine

Future Sound Waves features 128 sounds for Waldorf Largo.Future Sound Waves features 128 sounds for Waldorf Largo.Inspired by movies like The Matrix, Interstellar, Inception, Tron, Star Trek and the Terminator movies, this sound set is a unique collection of sounds, exploring the worlds of computing & digital communications, futuristic machines, alien civilisations and deep space.

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Time + Space Vol. 2

von SoundsDivine

This soundset contains modern string sounds, evocative pads, wave scanning synth sounds, light chimes, sequenced pads, plucky arpeggios, psychedelic fx sounds, classic waldorf pads, vocal swells. All presets have Modwheel and aftertouch assignments making them highly expressive.

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Time + Space Vol. 1

by SoundsDivine

This soundset contains a unique collection of 128 new sounds , including cascading filter pads, deep space drones, resonant synth sounds, glittering pads, weird glitchy sounds, unique wavetable sounds, vocal pads, futuristic soundscapes and much more. All presets have Modwheel and aftertouch assignments making them highly expressive.

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Minimal Electro Soundset

By Holger Steinbrink for Waldorf Largo

This soundset from german sounddesigner Holger Steinbrink containing 128 single programs, has been created especially for the needs of electronic music producers. It was designed to provide crying leads, pulsating arpeggios and fat bass sounds for current music production.

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TechnoTrance Soundset

by Rob Lee for Waldorf Largo

The TechnoTrance Soundset for the Waldorf Largo Synthesizer contains 128 brand new presets programmed by Rob Lee. This soundset consists of Arps, Fat Basses, House and Techno Chords, Searing Leads, Evolving Pads and more, thus giving you all the tools you need to start producing quality Techno and Trance music.

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Dance Unlimited Vol.1 by Sound Addicts

by Sound Addicts for Waldorf Largo

The German Duo “Sound Addicts", consisting of two professional music producers, has created a crisp sound and iconic package for Waldorf Largo Sythesizer. The package includes more than one bank of 128 sounds, as some sounds are layered, thus a sound can consist of several individual sounds.

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