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normal Waldorf Edition 2 Attack suspected Bug

1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #1 by garethmillers
Hi, posted about this before but never had enough information.
I've narrowed it down.
Cubase Elements, Akai MPK88, Windows 10, Waldorf Edition 2 Attack

> Open Empty Project
> Save to Project Folder
> Add Instrument Track > Attack
> Preset > ROM > 909 Kit
> Close Attack
> Set 2 Bar Region in Cubase Elements > Set to Cycle
> MIDI > Drum Editor
> Program a pattern in Kick (First Slot) and Side Stick (Second Slot)
> Play
> Close Drum Editor
> Open Attack
> Select First slot Kick
> Select Second Slot Side Stick > Side Stick Osc 2 jumps down from C6 to C4 and Detune jumps to 0.00 from +50.00 ???
> If I go and set the Side Stick back to its original settings and then carry on editing the Kick, everything works fine from there on in.

Why does the Side Stick jump down 2 Octaves.

For some reason, when I record the Kick in using the Akai MPK88 Pads, After touch is recorded into the controller track. This doesn't happen with any other sound.

So to sum these two faults up:
1) Sound 2 909 Kit Side Stick jumps down two Octaves lower when selecting the Kick first then the side stick?
2) After touch is recorded on the Kick for some reason when using the Akai MPK88 pads to record data in real time.

Can anyone help please :unsure: ?
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1 year 4 months ago #2 by garethmillers
HI Daniel, any movement on this? You said that you had managed to recreate this bug and the team might sort it out but they were working on a new program?
Just thought I'd try once again to see if they might have the time now to update this issue once and for all.
Kind regards,

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