Electro Soundset for Waldorf Largo

The new Minimal Electro Soundset for Waldorf Largo from german sounddesigner Holger Steinbrink is now available in our Webshop.
The soundset contains 128 single programs, created especially for the needs of electronic music producers. It was designed to provide crying leads, pulsating arpeggios and fat bass sounds for todays music production.
The download package contains the soundset as FXB bank as well as all single sounds in FXB and AU preset format. VST3 presets for Steinberg Cubase 4 and 5 are also included plus a documentation sheet.

Here are some short sound examples:

  • Demo Sequence Lead Sounds
  • Demo Sequence Bass Sounds
  • Demo Sequence Atmo Sounds
  • Demo Sequence Pad Sounds

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