Gekko Tools

Just one button and - believe it or not - only one function
At the touch of a key, Gekko Chords doubles a chord that you have entered at your keyboard, with the entire tonal range of your keyboard available for doubling. Subsequently, you can turn a sad and lonely, low-end tone into an instant, riveting wall of bass by simply doubling a note several times, transform a reedy synthesizer ditty into a happening choral tune in the latest rave style, or turn a thin brass sound into the heaviest brass section. This feature, called "Chord Memory," was available in some synthesizers of the past. Now it is back, exclusively from Gekko Chords. You won't believe your ears; this little green monster will make your synth sound as if it's on steroids.

It wasn't available for a long time, but now it is back - re-incarnated in a small orange box: the Gekko Arpeggio. In the past, it pushed the creativity of our musical ancestors, and now we can finally feel the pulsing, driving elements of electronic music again. The Gekko Arpeggio creates fantastic arpeggios that can trigger any MIDI tone generator or be recorded with any sequencer. Synchronized to MIDI clock, of course. All that at the press of one button. You simply define a range on your keyboard to control the arpeggiator’s tempo, rhythm, octave range etc. in a convenient way. What are you waiting for? Let Gekko Arpeggio impress you!

Waldorf Gekko

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