Emika - unique sound, unique voice

Emika with Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

Dubstep, Techno and a unique voice combined with a lot of atmosphere is the trademark of Emika. Her début album 'Emika' hit the market this autumn and marked the start of her tour throughout Europe and the US.   

Bristol was Emikas home for a long time, and was where she got her inspiration from the local music scene. Then she moved to Berlin where she found a new spring for her creative work. Because of the great success of her songs 'Double Edge' and 'Drop the other', Germany’s capital city doesn't see much of her these days. Since releasing her first album in autumn 2011 she has been constantly on tour.    

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard: 'absolutely unique'  
As a sound designer and composer her standards for technical equipment are very high. Therefore one of her favourite tools is a Blofeld Keyboard from Waldorf. 'Within a few hours of working with the Blofeld it becomes a unique tool', said Emika, who loves the concept and flexibility of the machine.    

One major advantage for her is its easy to understand interface, which doesn't confuse you. The well balanced sound library is another highlight for Emika. 'You can create sounds and include them straight away into a composition or you can use an existing sound as a starting point for your own design and create a personal sound bank.' She also likes the touch of the keyboard and the feel of the knobs.   

Liberty for Creativity   
One of the most important Blofeld advantage is the work flow that doesn't block your creativity during the musical process. 'The clean style of the Blofeld hard and software lets my creativity flow. I like to work with technology that has a bounding technical work flow and gives me the freedom to concentrate on the music.'  

Emika likes the intuitivity of the Blofeld Keyboard. 'I can use the control interface like playing an instrument.'

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