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normal Analog filter with Streichfett - love the results!

7 months 1 day ago #7 by ranz
ranz replied the topic: Analog filter with Streichfett - love the results!
That looks to be quite a cool idea! Speaking of filters - I've tried it through BS2, *Brutes, Moogs (Slim Phatty, Sub37 and Moogerfooger) and also some digital synths with audio inputs (Korg Radias and M3) - all seem to work well enough. I find the Moog to be the best sounding.

I've tried with mix results using the EHX Smallstone Phaser pedal - and I really prefer the pedal using the color switch mode - however, it really resonates - and I can't seem to find a compressor that tames it enough. There's a few videos on my channel with this - but I've tried Ableton Live compressor, I've tried Lexicon MX-200, a Zoom Pedal - all seem to not quite tame it.

The coolest results I've gotten is running it through a Roland Scooper FX (Modular) unit - it has a decent filter on it - plus the sampling scatter FX is cool!

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