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unanswered Firmware update and factory sounds restore

2 years 3 days ago #1 by cdswift
cdswift created the topic: Firmware update and factory sounds restore
The firmware update was very easy using Spectre. However, updating the firmware wipes the factory sounds. Furthermore, on my machine, it seemed to make all of the program memories dysfunctional with the exception of number 5.

I thought, no problem, I will restore the factory sound set. I tried this many times using Spectre and Midi-Ox with no success. In frustration, I converted the Factory Soundset mid file to ascii text. Guess what - there is no sysx in this mid file that will restore the sounds. I'm not sure what it is supposed to do, but it doesn't do it.

So, I started to worry that I had bricked my Streicfett. Then I read some old update instructions and it said to restore the factory sounds, power on with Program buttons 1, 2 and 3 held down. I did this and now I have sounds in all the program slots. However, I still do not think I have the originals. In fact several adjacent programs are identical.

So my appeal is this - canm Waldorf supply the default soundset as a midi file containing 12 sysx commands, 1 for each program. Alternatively, are there any users out there who sensibly dumped there default soundset before upgrading and are prepared to send me the file?

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