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unanswered Pulse 2 clicking noise on certain keys / PWM values...

6 months 2 weeks ago #1 by markodarko
Hi everyone. My first post here. Hello. :-)

I just received my Pulse 2 and whilst flicking through the presets I came across an odd clicking noise that only happens on one key - and on one patch. So, I tried reloading the system patches from the Waldorf website and retuning the oscillators and the same problem. So, I dug into it and found it's a very specific problem...

Here is a step-by-step way to reproduce it on my unit:

1. Init Sound
2. OSC 1 Shape - PWM
3. OSC 1 Pulsewidth - 82
4. MOD MATRIX: LFO (source), +7 (value), PULSEWIDTH1 (destination)
5. LFO 1 speed - 50 (not really necessary but it’ll sound better)
6. Press and hold D#2
7. Hear clicks:


On my machine the clicks only appear if the Pulsewidth is set between 79-84. Setting the pulsewidth above or below those values makes the clicks go away.

Can anyone with a Pulse 2 reproduce this?


p.s. The MP3 file illustrates the problem. I first play E2, D2 then D#2.

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