The Lotus

The Lotusno studio session without Waldorf

The Italian Band ‘The Lotus’ doesn’t have a great deal to complain about at the moment. ‘Forgotten Silence’ was their successful debut album in 2010 and after a tour through Great Britain in March 2011; they are working already on new material for their next album.

Waldorf equipment plays an important roll in singer and keyboard player Rossano Capriotti’s setup. Waldorf’s Blofeld Synthesizer was right from the beginning one of his favourite tools because of its unique timbre - and thanks to Licence SL - its flexibility. He uses the unit in a variety of working processes and for different music styles. Blofeld is a major part of his live equipment, because it reproduces a lot of sounds from their first album ‘The Lotus’. “Blofeld adds unique features to the tracks with the typical Waldorf character…” says Rossano Capriotti.

His latest Waldorf product is Largo. “I’m using Largo to expand my creative possibilities on the computer, so to give my ideas a unique style. Nothing can compare with Largo…” ’ says Capriotti, who wants to use Largo in future productions including the second album from 'The Lotus'.

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