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normal Sysex has crashed and destroyed my Microwave 1

2 years 1 month ago #1 by jonny
Hi Everyone- I recently purchased a Waldorf Microwave 1 in perfect condition- i am an experienced programmer and very quickly learnt the menu's - however the first time i have done a sysex dump to the microwave it has totally ruined the module- there is a string of blocks under both the sound and multi names- which are now either gibberish or just 1,2 ,3, 4 etc.... There is now no sound or midi coming from the waldorf? I ahve the Blue faced REV B- Black writing/ green backing with 1.25 OS.

I have seen several posts on different forums regarding this but no-one has a solution- clearly this is a common problem? Can no-one come up with a solution?

Surely it is not hard to? I have emailed waldorf but had no reply- as have several other people over the years. What is the point of having such a good synth if no one provides any support? Can anyone ;

a. Give a link to the sysex data for the original patches- or any new ones
b. explain why this is happening to so many people- i am using sysex librarian
c.Tell me how i rectify it- i have ordered the OS chips online but have no idea what to do?

PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Jonathan Lewis

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2 years 1 month ago #2 by Qwave

b) "so many people"? I never heard about this in all my years I am on the Waldorf Mailing list (15+ years!), never happened to me or my microwave friends.

c) The original EPROMs for the OS update are still available from Waldorf. And they are sold with a manual.

But to me these strange sound names are typical for an dead internal battery. You need to change this and then load new sounds before it will play again.

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1 year 9 months ago #3 by aluntay
Hi, the exact same thing just happened to me. Only received the MW1 (Rev B Software V1.2) today.

I downloaded all the sounds from Waldorf website and was happily running through the various sound banks (from the midi files folder) with the aid of Sysex Librarian.

Successfully transferred the following banks in orded listed below and after the last one it just went as the OP described above.

rosadrumsk9.mid (this one loaded, but only one sound when the text file said it contains three?.Then it all went wrong.

Did the OP manage to resolve it? Do we know what the issue is and are there any other suggestions other replacing Eproms. Cant understand why a sysex transfer would kill the unit?

Thanks in advance.

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1 year 9 months ago #4 by aluntay
Ok, I've just managed to work out the solution.

Nothing to do with the battery or needing new EPROMS.

Sysex Librarian and/or the rosadrumsk9.mid file from the Microwave page on the Waldorf website somehow changed the Device Number from 0 to 255.

So the soultion was to go into the "Device Param." menu, use the rotary to find the "Dev. Number" page and see if it has changed. Resetting it to 0 has worked for me and I am now loading fresh preset banks with no issue.

The only other thing to be mindful of is that I just tried to transfer another bank but it did not work, somehow the Port had changed in the drop-down at the top of Sysex Librarian. Changing it back to the correct port for the MW1 resolved this too.

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