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normal How do you uninstall Largo for Mac?

4 months 1 week ago #1 by NemoSynth

I love using Largo latest version 1.7 on my Mac with Logic Pro X, but it seems to be causing some conflict with the macOS 10.13.2 High Sierra. Therefore I would like to uninstall it to see if that helps me narrow down the real cause of the trouble.
Naturally, after I finish fixing the problem, I'd like to install it again from MyWaldorf.

Would anybody please tell me how to uninstall it?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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2 months 1 week ago #2 by Electro Clash
Hello, I had same problems.
I used "Easy Find" + "AppDelete" to remove all "largo" files, but these ones keep remaining where they are:
1) all files in Private > var > db > receipts : this folder contains also other Daw files, all with extension "bom" and "plist"
2) the folder in Library > Audio > Presets > Waldord : This folder is blocked and it seems I can't change its permissions.

I had Issues with Time Machine...
Now everything works fine.
But due to what I wrote before, it would be nice to have an uninstall command from Waldorf...

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2 months 4 days ago #3 by NemoSynth
Thanks a lot for your reply Electro Clash.

Yeah, I also had problem of Time Machine due to Waldorf folders.
And I also couldn’t delete the ones that you mentioned.

The Japanese distributor said these are merely document files and thus won’t do any harm to the Mac OS so I should consult with Apple. I spent many days with Apple trying to figure out what is the cause, until recently when I noticed that Waldorf now allows updated version of Largo that fixed these problems.

So they knew it was causing functional conflict with the macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Ha!

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2 months 4 days ago #4 by Electro Clash
Thank you.
Now I removed it, I will try to use the updated version, even if i’ve been very hurted by this issue that brought me to format the Mac... :(

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2 months 3 days ago - 2 months 3 days ago #5 by NemoSynth
Oh wow great, so now both of us are doing exactly the same thing; format the Mac entirely, clean install the OS, and then install the latest version of Largo. So happy to know that I’m not the only one :p
I of course know above procedure of clean installing everything is sometimes taken to solve the problems with software apps, but in this particular case it is NOT an ordinary one.

I tell you why.

The problem is that because the old version Largo blocks Time Machine to successfully finish, and won’t allow the Time Machine to work and finish completely, and forces Time Machine to abort, you have to MANUALLY back up your User files, not just the ones that are in the User folder but all the ones that are automatically scattered across the Mac by all kinds of installers! How can I figure out which one is where? Honestly this is insane.

Sadly there is no other option so I had to give up some of my own creation, pickued up as many data that I made as possible, manually backed up them by old fashioned drag and drop to my backup storage drive, then format the Mac, and clean installed the OS.

Before I started this thread I did ask Waldorf Germany via email about Largo causing functional conflict with macOS 10.13, but they gave me no reply no matter how long I waited, which is unusual for them; they always used to reply within a day or so. Hence I had to ask you all by starting this thread.
I also consulted with the Japanese distributor and they said these are just documents that won’t cause any troubles as I mentioned in my previous post.

Because of all this, so many hours and days had passed with me trying to narrow down the real cause with Apple support people, before finding the latest version Largo released with remarks saying that Time Machine issue and the Preset folder issue has been solved with it.

Yes I’m so happy now :P

Now I do would like to see Waldorf to develop the uninstaller for Largo, and do hope it will work smoothly without any problems. Honestly they should have done that before fixing the Time Machine conflict bug on Largo, since if they did then I had no trouble backing up all my User data with clever Time Machine, and didn’t had to give up some of my precious creations.

Set your priority correct, Waldorf!
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2 months 1 day ago #6 by Pablo
We are aware of issues with High Sierra using APFS machines. That is the reason why plugins are still not officially supported on this systems as you can see in the system requirements.

For most cases, the latest installer will solve such issues.
However, if you continue experiencing issues, you should check that you have a folder named
and that there is no folder named

if this is is the case, use the terminal to delete it using
sudo rm -rf ?Waldorf

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