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normal Blofeld - Spectre issues

3 months 2 days ago #1 by Stern
Stern created the topic: Blofeld - Spectre issues
Last week I bought a Blofeld desktop, and last weekend I purchased the Sample License and a soundset (Analog Voltage) from the Waldorf shop.

I tried to install the SL option, to no avail. The Blofeld is connected with usb directly to my Mac, in Spectre I selected 'Blofeld' for both midi in and out, but when I transmit ('upgrade') the challenge midi file, nothing happens.

Same thing goes for the soundset: I applied all the correct settings as mentioned in the 'how to' pdf included with the purchase. When the bulk file is transmitting I see the midi light up on the Blofeld, but when it's done nothing happened.

I tried the same procedures on both my MacPro and Macbook Pro. Surely I'm doing something wrong but I have no clue what...

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3 months 1 day ago #2 by megamarkd
megamarkd replied the topic: Blofeld - Spectre issues
Try using a MIDI/sysex player on your computer that allows you to adjust the buffer size and the delay between messages. I can't remember how I got mine on now, but I do know that using MIDIOx and sending sysex using it has been the trick to updating firmware on other devices due to it's buffer settings and the like.
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3 months 16 hours ago #3 by Stern
Stern replied the topic: Blofeld - Spectre issues
Thank you very much! Your answer pointed me in the right direction!

MidiOx isn't available for Mac, so I used SyEx Librarian. This doesn't have a buffer size setting as such, but (thanks to the DSI website) I found out that you can set SysEx Librarian to a slow pause between transfers. Unfortunately, this solution still didn't work when the Blofeld was connected straight to the computer using the Blofeld's usb. I had to use the midi inerface of my computer (in my case a motu Midi Exppress 128, but I'm sure any midi interface will do).

So the fix:
- Set the Blofeld 'Global Settings' as mentioned in the 'how_to_install_soundsets_to_a_blofeld' pdf.
- Connect the Blofeld to your computer using a midi midi interface and a midi cable
- Open Sysex Librarian and open preferences. In the general tab, set 'pauze between messages' to 1 second.
- Transfer whatever .mid file you need to transfer to the midi port the Blofeld is connected to.

This solved all problems I had, ie. getting the redeem code for the Sample License and for transferring a complete soundset.

I find it very strange that the Blofeld's usb port and Spectre won't work for this, but it is what it is. It makes me worry about transferring sample sets to the Blofeld, I will report back once I did found the time to check that out.

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