Notes stuck when trying to record automation in Ableton Live 10

3 months 3 weeks ago - 3 months 2 weeks ago #7 by dask
OK. So with local control off notes are still getting stuck if I move any of the knobs and it is playing back a midi clip. not even recording any automation or anything.

Even if I am just playing the keys in monitor mode, not recording and nothing else playing, if I move one of the knobs, notes get stuck at some random point. I then need to power it off and on again. Changing the patch with the stuck note it just remains stuck on. I have midi sync turned on in ableton. Tried 2 versions of ableton (10.1.6 and 10.1.14 which is the latest).

I tried a different usb lead and the all the notes got stuck off, ie no response from the keyboard.
I am using the usb 2 input on my pc as suggested in the manual. Running an Asus Z170 Motherboard, Intel i7 with clean install of Win10 on a SSD.

Update. Just tested it with a 3rd usb lead in a usb3 port and the notes either stick on or it stops repsonding to midi clips from ableton. If I exit and restart ableton (whilst leaving the STVC in a stuck state), there is no change to whatever state the stvc is in. I need to power cycle the stvc to clear it.

Sometimes when it is stuck it no longer responds to the keyboard, just one long continuous note. Again restarted ableton and it was still stuck on the same note so reseting ableton makes no difference whilst it is in some odd stuck mode. Got to power cycle the stvc.

Update 2 : The more I use this the more eratic it seems. I have turned off all sending of automation in the stvc settings and even then it sometimes hangs and ableton cannot see the stvc anymore. I need to power cycle it.
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