midi channel n and n+1 get played!?

9 months 2 weeks ago #1 by David_Bee
I'm confused by the midi channels, I recently did a split so I can have the two sections of the synth on different midi channels, that work just fine. But now I wish to revert back to one midi channel controlling both halfs of the synth. I seem to have the following:

midi channel 6 plays both halves of the synth (good)
midi channel 7 plays the Solo section (not wanted)

How do I revert back to where the single MIDI channel controls the String and Solo section and doesn't respond to any other midi channel.

Trying to understand the manual (lower left section) - do I power up with all 4 buttons pressed (to give omni mode) and then what? Do I set the midi channel as, press all 4 buttons and press a key on the midi channel I want?


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7 months 3 weeks ago #2 by dominohurley

I've just hit the same problem. Although I don't have a proper solution, I do have a workaround. If you can settle for having the midi channel on your Streichfett set to 16 then n+1 doesn't exist and therefore can't get in the way.

It's ridiculous they'd program it this way but there you go.

Hope that helps

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